Content Over Clickbait: Establishing Credibility on Social Media

July 29, 201  by Loey Antal

Content over Clickbait establishing credibility

Content Over Clickbait: Establishing Credibility on Social Media

“Clickbait.” “You got phished.” “Fact checking…”

These are phrases are heard a lot today. It’s easy to forget that they only started a few years ago.

The fact is that an increasing number of people are losing faith in professional news media. If juggernauts such as the news are looked upon with suspicion, what chance does your social media have to be trusted?

This loss of faith  has many either refusing to trust reliable sources or uncritically trusting unreliable ones.

In a word, bad social-media manners have given the medium a bad rap. As Warren Buffett has famously stated, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” So since social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, here are some ways to rise above and gain some real credibility.

Be Consistent:


Establishing Credibility by Being Personal

Whether you are marketing goods, services, or your own thoughts, you need to be consistent if you want to gain a significant platform. There is nothing more frustrating than discovering a blog or Twitter account that looks promising, only to find that there are two-month gaps between posts. Without consistent, fresh content there will be no momentum. And without momentum you will never gain a real following.

Be Personal:

Once a page, blog, or post gains a bit of traffic, you will start to get messages, shares, retweets, and other types of affirmation and feedback from the audience. Respond to those messages. “Heart” those retweets. Like those comments. Establishing and nurturing those connections will turn traffic into a connection, and that’s when things will begin to take off.

Be Serious About Quality:

I’ve lost count of how many times I have clicked on one of those articles with a provocative photo and a title like “You Won’t Believe What Happened Next,” or, “Ten Ways to [Fill in the Blank], and #7 Will Blow Your Mind,” only to realize very quickly that it’s a ruse, mere clickbait designed to generate hits while providing no real content. Don’t do that. It will not only destroy credibility, it is the quickest way to get unfollowed.

Brand, Brand, Brand:

While people warn against judging a book by its cover, what other way is there to judge it at first? This is even more true of websites and other social media content. If someone visits your site and it looks old or outdated they are unlikely to stick around; let alone read what you have to say. While most of us aren’t graphic designers, they aren’t too difficult to find. Seek one out and develop a brand and a style that is uniquely your own, and integrate that identity into everything you do on social media.


Whatever your medium may be—podcasting, blogging, Twitter, etc.—find others who are successfully doing something within the same genre and make yourself present where they are. Comment, post, share links to your content. It’s called the “web” for a reason, so put the “inter” in Internet and reach out, making yourself (and by extension, your content) present for others to see.

Sure, there’s a lot of click-bait and bogus content out there. But rather than totally writing off the medium, it’s time to distinguish ourselves, and show the doubters a better way.

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5 Tips to Propel Your Video Marketing in 2017

August 28, 2017 by Loey Antal

Video Marketing 2017

5 Tips to Propel Your Video Marketing in 2017

Think about your current marketing strategy. What are you trying to sell? What is the easiest way to get that message to a lot of people? You could buy a database; a massive list of people and send a bunch of postcards to their homes that has your face and information on it. But sending out print material will likely get it thrown out. It’s just more clutter.

You need to think digital.

We live in a fast-paced digital world. Our life decisions are made through a few clicks. You shop, order food, and even socialize online. Which means the best way to engage your customers is to go to them: Online. People don’t read long articles or flyers any more. If you were handed a booklet chances are you wouldn’t read the whole thing. Your customers won’t either. But everyone will watch a video.

Ways to Improve Your Video Marketing

There are so many ways that you can optimize your video marketing strategy. Here are 5 in-depth tips to get you started.

#1 Keep Videos Short


video marketing personality

Humans now have attention spans shorter than a goldfish’s. If this surprises you think to the last text message you sent or received. It’s probably not very long.

The same goes for videos; and each platform has it’s own ideal video length. For platforms like Twitter and Instagram which are designed for scrolling through photos and short, 140 character updates, keep videos between 30-45 seconds long.

Facebook is a longer form social media platform so videos with the most engagement (likes and comments) tend to be a minute in length. Facebook videos are still quick and easy to consume before scrolling along but going a little longer won’t significantly reduce your views.

Since YouTube is an all video site, creating longer, in-depth content here is okay. Videos that are two minutes in length get the most engagement.

#2 Tell Stories

Stories are an easy way to connect to people. A buyer is more likely to come to you when they feel like they know you. A good way to do this is through video. Not all of your videos should be product information or home buying tips. Injecting personality into your videos will help your clients feel like they know you and they will think of you first when the time comes to buy.  This will ensure brand loyalty and brand recognition.

#3 Have a Call to Action

The best way to end your videos is with a call to action slide. Ending your video with a black screen isn’t very helpful. Try experimenting with a question or an intriguing statement that encourages the customers to engage in a conversation. If the topic doesn’t call for one, ask them to like, comment, or even subscribe to your videos. A call to action is always an amazing idea if you want to have an impactful ending to your videos.

#4 Try Tutorial Videos

A very effective way to impress your customers is to help them learn how to use your product. This can be done in the form of tutorials that can help them do a difficult job in a much easier way. Try creating videos that explain what documentation is needed for a pre-approval letter or talk about tips for staging a home. Giving away tips for free is the best way to be retained in the minds of the customers. This is because while giving a tutorial you also advertise your knowledge, so your customer will trust you. This is the best way to improve your video marketing tactics.

#5 Optimize Your Video for Search

Now it’s time to show off all your hard work. To get your videos to show up when people search for them you need to optimize your videos for search engines. The best way to optimize your video is to use transcriptions. Transcribing what’s being said in your videos to text makes them accessible even when people can’t listen to audio.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing has a huge number of benefits. This is because it is easier to connect to your audience through the video and they’ll remember your message for a long time. Your audience can comment on the video which will help get feedback about your marketing strategy on the spot. You can also know what the customers are looking for. By sharing the video messages on various pages, you can easily reach to your target audience which helps save your time and money. In addition to this, you have access to customers globally as the internet has no geographical boundaries and helps you increase your sales. Thus, you can trust video marketing tactics any day without much thought.

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Staying Sharp in Six Simple Steps: a Guide to Motivation

Maintaining our motivation is obviously key for success in this industry, but it might surprise you to know that this is not something we accomplish by focusing solely on work. Of course, it is during business hours that we really need to shine, but often the fuel we need comes during off-hours and from unexpected sources.

Let’s look at some ways to stay sharp on the job, ways that touch upon what we do both in and out of the office. We’ll start with what’s obvious and then move to a few less obvious means of motivation.

1. Know your role and tasks.

In our day of 24/7 digital media and social networking, it sometimes feels like a Herculean effort to simply begin a task and complete it without distractions. No sooner do we sit down and try to focus than we receive a text, an email, or some other notification that nags at us, demanding our attention. Sometimes reorienting ourselves is as simple as remembering what our company’s big-picture vision is and where we fit into making that vision a reality for our clients. Anything that comes across our desk (or our screen) needs to contribute to the role we play in realizing the overall goal, and if it doesn’t, it’s a distraction and can wait.

2. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. 



No one is a jack-of-all-trades, and whether we like to admit it or not, we have areas where we are weak as well as ones where we’re strong. The least effective people in life are always those who don’t know what they are bad at, and the sooner we identify our shortcomings the better. Do your clients like you because you’re meticulous and careful with the numbers? Or is it that they appreciate your warmth and ability to relate? Whatever it may be, figure it out and both play to your strengths and seek to improve on your weaknesses. Know yourself, figure out your identity, and be that person for the people whose needs you serve.

3. Seek and respond to feedback from others.

Quarterly reviews and other formal assessments are fine, but self-examination only goes so far when we just engage in it when required. If you want to stay sharp, seek out some informal feedback. A culture of accountability and drive for excellence is contagious, and the more you challenge your co-workers to challenge you, the greater success everyone in the office will have.

4. Exercise and (for goodness’ sake) eat better!

Not to get too preachy, but when our diet consists largely of rich, heavy foods like burgers or pizza and our exercise is gotten mainly from walking from our office to the restroom, is it any wonder that we find ourselves sluggish and lagging? Starting the day with a bit of cardio and a healthy breakfast will work wonders for keeping us sharp and focused.

5. Engage your creative side.

Not everyone is creative in an artistic sense (but if you are, more power to you), yet we all have a part of us that enjoys a brief suspension of the “grind” of reality. Whether it’s by reading books or enjoying films and television, sometimes it is healthy to unplug from the pressures of the workplace and escape for an hour or two. And believe it or not, it is often when work is the last thing on our minds that we have moments of inspiration and clarity that lead to greater career success. Spending every waking minute either working, or thinking about work, only produces diminishing returns. Being well-rounded people will make us better at everything we do, including our jobs.

6. Socialize with co-workers.

Whether it is group lunches during the work week or weekend events, establishing friendships with co-workers is a healthy way to stay motivated. In a competitive career culture it is all too easy to see others as impediments to our success or potential rivals, all of which leads to a draining work day. But when we get to know our colleagues in a personal way it can actually make the office a fun place to be. Plus, talking shop over some drinks and laughs is not only a good use of our time, but we also may learn a thing or two. (See #2 and #3 above.)

Don’t let the dog days of summer sap your strength. Be deliberate and purposeful, stay sharp, and maintain a healthy work/life balance. Results will follow!

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Why Ignoring Video Marketing is Hurting Your Business

October 24, 2017  by Loey Antal

Don't Ignore Video Marketing

Why Ignoring Video Marketing is Hurting Your Business

In September of last year we started to notice the upward trend in Video Marketing. People’s attention was no longer grabbed by still image ads and was moving towards video. This trend didn’t stop and we revisited it a couple months ago with “5 Tips to Propel Your Video Marketing

Now, if you’re not utilizing video, it’s hurting your business.

The Impact of Video Marketing

Twitter for Video MarketingThe impact of video is everywhere. If you’re still not swayed to start here are a few statistics showing that Video is the way to go:

  • According to the Aberdeen Group, businesses who use videos have a 27% higher click through rate and 34% higher web conversion rate than businesses who don’t.
  • Videos on Twitter are 6x more likely to be retweeted than a photo. A video is 3x more likely to be retweeted than a .gif (animated image)
  • Facebook videos receive an average of 135% more organic reach than photos.
  • 10 billion videos are watched don Snapchat daily.

And these videos don’t have to be long. As we covered in our 5 Tips post, average video length should be between 30 seconds to a minute in length depending on platform.

Some Easy Ideas to Try

If you’re new to Video Marketing it may seem like a daunting task. But that’s okay! There are several things you can do to test the waters that will be a big hit with your audience.

  • Record Thank You videos from you and your team to send out to clients and partners. This will add a nice personal touch to what usually feels like a very impersonal transaction. Hearing your voice makes the Thank You feel much more genuine than seeing your picture on a post-card!
  • Film short testimonials from past clients and agents. Reading a five-star review is great. Hearing one is even better!
  • Use Facebook Live or Twitter to broadcast a short Q&A about your industry. This exclusive window to get questions answered will generate a lot of views!

What About Production Cost?

Do you own a smart phone? Good news, you’re already set!

Current smart phones take videos at such a high quality that you’ve already done the purchasing you need! Unlike as little as five or ten years ago, equipment costs are now much more affordable. Great results can be achieved by purchasing a 10 to 20 dollar tripod for your phone.

Simple video editing software like Windows Movie Maker is available from Microsoft, though most phones have applications that allow for editing video without needing to download the video file onto your computer first.

Record, edit, post all from your phone and you’re making waves in the Video Marketing world!

At Absolute Mortgage

Here at Absolute Mortgage we have our own Video Production Studio! Videos are complimentary and our team you can learn more about our Production Studio by watching this video. Or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, you can email our team at

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Absolute Mortgage Ranks #3 on Puget Sound Business Journal’s List of Washington’s Best Workplaces



August 8, 2017, Bellevue, WA—Every year, Puget Sound Business Journal releases a list of Washington State’s Best Workplaces and this year Absolute Mortgage ranked #3 in the Large Workplaces category.

This list is generated by confidential employee questionnaires done by Quantum Workplaces on behalf of the Puget Sound Business Journal. The score factored in thirty items across six categories that included trust in leadership and team dynamics.

Across all of the anonymous surveys, the word most associated with Absolute Mortgage was “fun”. Over 160 of our employees opted in to leave additional comments and Quantum Workplaces was kind enough to share a few samplings with us, such as: “Absolute Mortgage is a great place to work! Here is a list of reasons why: Family, friendly, flexible work schedules, suggestions for changes are received openly, easy to implement changes, great co-workers, friendly environment, lots of training opportunities, senior staff seems to really care that employees are happy and motivated, plenty of celebrations and lots of reasons to celebrate, company has strong community presence, company has a good reputation in the community. I am proud to tell people I work at Absolute Mortgage!”

When Tom Griffith, Absolute Mortgage’s Division Vice President of Sales accepted the award he had this to say: “Absolute Mortgage was started over twenty years ago on two simple values: Be nice and tell the truth. The goal of this company is to be the place you want to go to every day and while most companies talk the talk of being about the people, Absolute Mortgage walks the walk.”

Read more about the other winners that made the list at


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Absolute Mortgage Awarded “Outstanding Retail Mortgage Company of the Year” at the 2015 WAMP Awards Gala


Absolute Mortgage Awarded “Outstanding Retail Mortgage Company of the Year” at the 2015 WAMP

Awards Gala

On Thursday October 1st the beautiful Orca ballroom at Tulalip Casino was filled with the top mortgage industry professionals. Over 200 guests were present for the 2015 WAMP Business & Humanitarian Leadership Awards.

As Ryan Hills, the evening’s host stepped up the podium to announce the 2015 Outstanding Retail Mortgage Company Award, an excited silence came over the ballroom. The tension in the air was palpable. Then Absolute Mortgage’s name was announced and their table erupted with pride.

Absolute Mortgage, a division of Pinnacle Capital Mortgage was competing against nine other incredible Retail Mortgage Companies. Eric Schneider, Executive Vice President accepted the award on behalf of the company. Eric walked to the stage with an excited and enthused demeanor and paid homage to the hard work of all of their devoted loan originators and loyal support staff for all of their countless late nights, early mornings and unbelievable dedication.

In his humble manner Eric had this to say about the award: “This award is truly a reflection of what our team has done collectively, we couldn’t be the company that we are today without the incredible team we have–and this is really for them.”

Division Vice President, Jasen Nuetzmann, along with many other members of Absolute Mortgage, also attended the awards ceremony. When asked about Absolute’s award, Jasen said: “When Eric Bolstad started this company nineteen years ago he had a vision, to create a culture that invested in our loan originators and our support staff not only in their careers but also in their personal life. Absolute Mortgage is a realization of that vision and this award sheds light on that accomplishment.”

The winners of the WAMP will be listed at For more information about Absolute Mortgage visit

Media Contact Olivia Carriveau 425.822.7788

About Absolute Mortgage

Absolute Mortgage was founded in 1996 and prides itself on embodying their core values of Teamwork, Empowerment, Positivity and Excellence in all aspects of the work environment, both internally and externally. Absolute Mortgage shares the belief that mutually-invested employee-company relationships create a work environment that everyone enjoys. Absolute Mortgage would like you to know that they are continually seeking talented people who share their core values to come join the ‘family’. You can learn more about Absolute Mortgage by visiting

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Absolute Mortgage Ranks #2 on Seattle Business’s List of Top 100 Companies to Work For



Absolute Mortgage Ranks #2 on Seattle Business’s List of Top 100 Companies to Work For

June 26, 2017, Bellevue, WA — Every year, Seattle Business magazine publishes its list of Top 100 Companies to Work For. This year, recognized in the #2 spot among companies with more than 150 employees: Absolute Mortgage. “We are very humbled and grateful,” says Absolute Mortgage’s President Eric Bolstad.

To generate the annual list of Top 100 Companies, businesses are rated based on confidential employee surveys, which are weighted against the level of employee participation. This year, research firm Fieldwork Webwork conducted surveys and compiled results across 10 categories, including benefits, communication, corporate culture, hiring/retention, executive leadership, performance standards, responsibility/decision making, rewards/recognition, training/education and workplace environment.

Absolute Mortgage came in second in the “Large Company” category because it scored such high marks, in particular, for its quality of communication, decision-making, corporate culture, quality of relationships between co-workers and with upper management, and performance of their office.

In a statement to his staff, Bolstad remarked, “Most companies that experience growth like we have typically see their culture and their soul deteriorate. Not with us. I feel this primarily has to do with all the new people we have been able to bring into our family, which has only strengthened our corporate beliefs and reinforced our commitment to treating one another well. Although being number two is a great accomplishment, we will roll up our sleeves and keep doing what we do, being who we are, and getting better at both so that we can become number one and leave no doubt.”

Read the full article and see the other 99 companies that made the list at Seattle Business magazine.

About Absolute Mortgage – Bellevue Northup

The Bellevue Northup branch of Absolute Mortgage is one of the company’s 17 branch locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1996, Absolute Mortgage provides customers with home mortgage knowledge, assistance and services, helping to integrate affordable home loans with other financial goals and cash flow objectives.

About Seattle Business Magazine

Seattle Business magazine delivers insight into the key people, enterprises and trends that drive business in the Pacific Northwest. Providing a perspective critical to businesses operating in the region’s ever-changing economic environment, Seattle Business produces the region’s most influential, high-profile gala awards events including the 100 Best Companies to Work For, Executive Excellence Awards, and Community Impact Awards.

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